It was the chief seat of worship of Osiris on the west bank of the Nile, 12km south east of Balyana. It is famous for its tombs discovered in 1895 attributed to kings of the first and second dynasties. The most important remaining monuments are:

The Temple of Seti I

The temple was built to commemorate King Seti I, father of Ramesses II. Seti is represented in various relationships with the gods and goddesses. The finest reliefs to be seen anywhere in Egypt are to be seen in this temple. Annexed to it is a symbolic tomb known as Osireion which is a subterranean structure now exposed to the sky, which is built in the architectural style of the Old Kingdom. Seti I was buried in his famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The temple contains the important “King List” showing the names of the kings of Egypt from Menes, the first king of the first dynasty until the era of Seti I.

The Temple of Rameses II
A few walls still remain, but they retain some vivid and brightly coloured scenes and a full record of the famous battle of Qadesh.